torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

May Update

How's going?

Recently money issue is getting smoother. I don't go into details, but it's better now. Things are working somehow.

Writing, is on pause. I have to figure stuff out again. Would want to start fantasy story again, from the beginning. Also, have to make new work plan for the project and try to get support money in the autumn.

Movies, I'm interested in the new Star Trek movie that comes over Finland on next month. New Riddick movie is on the watch list. There was another movie too, but I don't remember the name. Did I saw Iron Man 3? No, not so interesting.

Games, started Amnesia the Dark Descent gameplay along with Skyrim Series will continue. People people doesn't seem to like when post SWTOR videos. Lost one subber from my channel. The original channel idea was to share videos of games I play. Maybe they though I play only Skyrim? I don't know. I want to share other games too.
To buy list: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, Mars War Logs and Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC.

Summer comes and along that allergic season. I have medicine for it. Have to use it through summer to early autumn. As long as birch and some other trees and plants blooms. I should be fine though. Started medicine using before spring started for real. Warm days coming, but I rather like cloudy, windy and rainy days.

That's all for now. Take care.

torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Rough times

                                                      Picture Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Lately things been rough due to some decision I have made. Money situation is difficult. I have to wait for 3 weeks before it changes, but I manage it somehow. had to made decision about gaming too. Less MMO that has monthly fee and buy things that I really need. Prioritizing.

I've been playing Skyrim more lately since it doesn't cost, expect need to be online due Steam. Found one nice mod called Frostfall. It adds weather survival against cold and snow. Above screenshot is part of it. Tent and camp fire is needed when temperature goes too low. I love the mod. Would like to get Dragonborn DLC too.
  I have new game too. Bit.Trip Runner 2. It's fun and need to focus game. Dodging obstacles on the way to goal. I haven't played it much.

Writing, I have written a bit. Current situation stopped it for the time being even though I want to continue writing. Hopefully it I get to it soon. I have Grig's story under work and need to work on the fantasy story if I want to get published one day.

lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

New Blog!


I decided to get rid of other google account so I lost my old blogger too. This will be new one. :) I hope I can blog something here later on. Right now I'm at parents, been a bit ill too but getting better. 

Writing has continued as I finished a book from my fave Finnish author. So that's all from now. Keep in touch! :)